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  • 24222 Calico Trace Ln, Katy, TX, 77494
  • 713-542-5429

Baraka Services Annual Report 2019

In 2019, the annual budget of Baraka Services was $87,686.37, a nearly three-fold increase over our 2018 budget. This increase is largely due to a broader recognition in the community of the effectiveness of Baraka Services in supporting our neighbors in need.


Nearly half of that budget was received as zakat al-mal, some of which was designated to alleviate specific circumstances. That zakat was used as follows:

  • Supported a cancer patient’s care and living expenses.
  • Assisted 51 families with rent and utilities.
  • Worked with another relief organization to supply 1,000 food trays for distribution.
  • Helped purchase two vehicles and repaired three vehicles for families.
  • Purchased household essentials, not available in our storage facility, 15 separate times.
  • Provided an interest-free loan for vehicle repair, which was paid back.
  • Provided funds to two clients for travel, one to bring her homeless son from another state and the other to move back to Iraq.

The remainder of our budget was spent on operational and project expenses, such as:

  • Ramadan distribution of staples.
  • Truck purchase, insurance and repair.
  • Transportation of donated furniture to client families.
  • Storage.
  • Website setup.

Baraka Services believes in transparency and the responsible use of resources. We have an obligation to use donations effectively. All donated funds are used to serve the community and pay operational expenses. Our management and board members are 100% volunteer.