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  • 24222 Calico Trace Ln, Katy, TX, 77494
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ABOUT baraka

Baraka Services is a non-profit organization that was formed initially to help the refugees moving to our city. Although there was help offered through their sponsoring organization, it did not go far enough to fulfill their needs. We cover all refugees with no regard to their country of origin. We started by accepting donations of clothing and shoes then expanded to household goods, baby items, toys, sheets, towels, small appliances and anything a family can use. We also take furniture donation as needed. We welcome Zakah and Sadaqa money which is used to help pay rent, water, electric and phone bills, help purchase or fix cars, etc. We issue tax deduction receipts upon request. Due to the success we enjoyed in our first year we expanded our services to include any person in need in our community.
Our vision is to move from offering help to empowering the families to move forward and improve their incomes and standard of living. We have several ideas that are being studied and discussed and will be announced as we are ready to implement them.

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Our Story

how we reach this

Baraka Services is a non profit organization that has been in existence since 2017. We were founded to help the refugees arriving to our city settle by providing basic essentials like clothing, shoes, household items, kitchen items, sheets, towels, baby items and later furniture. After spending 2 years helping them on a small scale we came to the conclusion that there was still a great deal of assistance needed. We realized that to expand beyond the initial help we were providing and to gain the trust of our donors we had to become more organized.

Our mission has gone from helping the refugees to helping anyone in need in the Houston area. We also broadened our services to include paying for utilities, helping with rent, assist in purchasing and repairing cars …etc

Our Vision

what we seek for

is to establish job training through sponsorship to encourage new families to become active productive members of our society. We depend on Sadaqa and zakat money to achieve a large portion of our dreams. We are also planning on establishing a resale outlet that will help provide work to our constituents and a source of income to expand our assistance program.

Members of our community are very generous and are always willing to donate and help when the need arises. Please consider Baraka Services when donating for the sake of Allah. May Allah reward each and everyone who volunteers, donates or help spread the word.


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